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Rotterdam Urban Big Data Thesis Award

Rotterdam Urban Big Data Thesis Award 2018


The Rotterdam Knowledge Lab of Urban Big Data aims to promote knowledge about and development of urban big data policies. To this purpose, it yearly awards a prize for the best thesis on the subject. The winner receives € 2.000 and a published interview about his or her thesis.

Conditions for the 2018 Award
Master’s theses from Erasmus University Rotterdam or Bachelor’s theses from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences are eligible for the award, if they are:

* About (big) data solutions for urban challenges, in any field (including health, economy, mobility, governance, education and safety). Theses do not need to be specifically about Rotterdam.
* Written in Dutch or English
* Graded with 7.5 or higher
* Completed in the academic year 2017-2018

The submission deadline of the 2018 award is 21 September 2018. Please submit your thesis in PDF format to info@urbanbigdata.nl, stating your full name, contact information, grade, and at which department and university you wrote your thesis.

A jury with representatives from the municipality of Rotterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences will shortlist the three best theses. Thesis supervisors will not be consulted. Theses will be reviewed with regard to:

* Clarity of the research question
* Extent to which the research question is answered
* Clarity of the method or approach
* Clarity of conclusions
* Societal and scientific relevance and originality
* Argumentative coherence
* Use of sources
* Language use and the structuring of text

Here you can find a report of the 2017 award, and please find here more information about the 2018 award.

Please contact Fadi Hirzalla (hirzalla@egsh.eur.nl) for more information about our award.