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Urban Data Platforms

How can Urban Data Platforms aid the integration of various data sources and solutions?



Cities increasingly collect data from various sources, such as sensors and social media, seeking to leverage it for improved decision-making and innovation. Consequently, services and processes in cities are becoming increasingly data-driven, such as waste containers sensing their fill level and water levels being measured remotely. Often, these smart services emerge as standalone ‘siloed’ solutions, with neither infrastructure nor data being shared.

As part of smart city initiatives, cities are developing urban data platforms (UDPs) to integrate these solutions, allowing data to be potentially shared across applications. Since data collected for one application may be valuable in other contexts as well, enabling data-sharing across applications may lead to completely new insights and services, accelerating urban innovation.

The KWP Urban Big Data has appointed Dr Samaneh Bagheri for two years (starting 1 March 2020) as a post-doctoral researcher to investigate key questions surrounding these UDPs. These questions pertain for instance to possible governance models, the contribution of UDPs to local economic activity, and the role of UDPs in fostering the triple bottom line of financial, environmental, and social value.

Samaneh will conduct this research project at the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics at the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam), largely in the frameworks of the Horizon 2020 project RUGGEDISED and the Digital City program of the Rotterdam municipality. Her research team includes Dr. Tobias Brandt (RSM/EUR), Roland van der Heijden (Rotterdam municipality), Dr. Fadi Hirzalla (EUR and co-ordinator KWP Urban Big Data), Dr. Marcel van Oosterhout (RSM/EUR), and Raymond van der Wel (Rotterdam municipality).

For more information please contact Samaneh Bagheri at bagheri@rsm.nl