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Onderzoek over data delen in de smart city

2 mei 2021



We hebben i.s.m. een team van BOLD Cities een onderzoek gedaan over de factoren die verklaren of en waarom mensen hun persoonlijke data delen in de smart city. Een korte samenvatting van een artikel over dat onderzoek vindt u hieronder. Dit artikel is inmiddels geaccepteerd voor publicatie, onder de titel "Privacy behavior in smart cities", in het tijdschrift International Journal of Urban Planning and Smart Cities.


In this article, we present exploratory research about privacy behaviour of Dutch citizens in a smart city. We ask if and why people share personal data in a smart city environment. We designed a gamified survey that offers realistic urban scenarios in which people are asked to identify smart technologies and to share or withhold their personal data. Our findings show that most respondents are willing to share their data for surveillance purposes and security benefits. A smaller group, but still about half of the respondents, does so when it delivers convenience or financial benefits. We found that this privacy behaviour was directly and most strongly explained by privacy concerns: people with more concerns and less trust in government shared less personal data than others. Technical familiarity with the smart city had a much smaller effect on privacy behaviour, as did age, education, and income. We found no effect of gender or place of residence on any of the dependent variables. We discuss the meanings of these outcomes for local governments as a matter of digital placemaking, i.e. designing the smart city in a way that makes technology visible and provides transparency with respect to privacy and data governance.