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Presentatie Samaneh Bagheri

Value Creation through Urban Data Platforms: A Conceptual Framework



Samaneh Bagheri (postdoc bij de Kenniswerkplaats Urban Big Data) gaf i.s.m. Tobais Brandt, Haydee Sheombar en Marcel van Oosterhout een presentatie op de Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2021 (4-8 januari 2021). De abstract van haar presentatie is als volgt verwoord:

In the context of smart cities, data-driven innovation and digital transformation have received increasing attention from practitioners and academics. The data-centric nature of smart city transformations highlights the essential role of urban data platform (UDP) to manage large and heterogeneous urban data sets and to facilitate interaction among data providers and users in a city ecosystem. To realize value creation through UDP, a comprehensive understanding of the key UDP dimensions and how they influence UDP adoption, use, and value creation are required. For this purpose, we first identify key UDP dimensions through a literature review. Second, by exploring and discussing their relationships with an expert panel, we develop a framework for understanding value creation through UDPs. By identifying key dimensions of UDP and their effects on value creation through UDP, the proposed framework provides a systematic and comprehensive approach for understanding UDP adoption, use, and value creation. Thereby, this study helps city policymakers and business developers in realizing value from UDPs in city ecosystems.

Het volledige paper is hier te downloaden.